Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Comic! ODDSOCK #1!

Issue number 1! Future collectors item!

For immediate worldwide release! The House of Hatch is proud to present the inaugural issue of Oddsock, featuring hitherto unknown fan favourite Oddsock and his mad little adventures. Gags galore guaranteed in this four panel cartoon compendium of comic craziness!

Produced using the highest quality production methods available, Oddsock #1 is lovingly written, drawn and printed up by the creator's very own hands, which makes each individual copy a unique work of art in its own right and ensures that you, the reader, will come into direct contact with particles of Paul Hatcher if you decide to own this highly desirable compendium of craziness! In future times, clone your very own Paul Hatcher from these humour-riddled spores and commission the comic you always dreamed of or, if that sounds like too much hard work, just make several Hatchers and make them dance, fight or lather each other up for your amusement. Anything goes!

Furthermore, this dynamically drawn diverting d├ębut contains no advertisements or corporate sponsorship whatsoever, which makes Oddsock #1 an excellent and relaxing reading piece now that the nights are drawing in.

But don't take our word for it! That would be stupid. Here's what the highly respected monthly periodical Attitude magazine said of the Hatcher 'style' way back in November 1999;

"... a brilliant vindication of the art of 'bad' drawing..."

So lubricate your larynx with this 20 page laughter lozenge. Delivered to your door for only £2.50 assuming your door is located within the royal realm of Great Britain that is! That's about the price of a cup of coffee, unless you're drinking that filth they serve in non-franchised petrol stations, in which case we don't want your custom anyway.

Buy Oddsock 1 here

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