Sunday, 15 May 2011

Another new comic! ODDSOCK #2!

New comic! Hot on the heels of Oddsock 1: Oddsock comes together, comes.. Oddsock 2: The Many Ways of Oddsock!

This second publication in the series continues Oddsock's crazy caravan of crack-pot cartoons, and what's more, this edition will only claim 12 x 21 cm sq of your desk space or coffee table (or 0.2 x 12 cm sq when delicately balanced in an upright position) So don't give me any excuses about lack of space, just buy this comic now and you can pimpify any surface space in your home/workplace. Show off to your friends and invoke their envy with this unique event in the history of British self-published underground comics! Believe the hype! I do and I wrote it!

I haven't finished yet! This issue is guaranteed to uplift even the most depressed and humourless person, so unleash your euphoria  by reading topics as diverse as: religion, space, spaghetti, impressions, a noble gas, the weather plus much much more. I really think you need this second collected instalment of Oddsock's mad little happenings. Prove me right for just £2.50.

Buy Oddsock 2 here
Coming soon! Oddsock 3: Oddsock by the book!

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