Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Just in time for Christmas... ODDSOCK 4!

Oddsock 4: Oddsock by Numbers is here at last!

Another lovingly hand-crafted collection of numerically ordered four panel comic strips all written, drawn, rubbed out, re-drawn, inked, smudged, tippexed, reinked, lettered, photocopied, collated, folded, stapled and individually blessed by me, Paul Hatcher, high priest of The House of Hatch. Our motto "Quality and quantity in easily digestible mouthfuls."

Follow Oddock's mad little adventure in numberland as he tries to defy the digits as he finds himself up to his neck in, would you believe it? Numbers! Can he outwit the limits of the infinite with his own brand of numerical nonsense? Maybe he's just had one too many and let all the numbers go to his head? Whatever the case, Oddsock endeavours to prove what a head for figures he has as he attempts to count his way into the record books! Will our hero Oddsock count himself lucky and manage to work everything out in the end? Will the fact that it's all about the identity element even cross his mind? Perhaps the answers are to be found at the back of this the fourth edition of our tremendously exciting Oddsock comic book series. Find out for yourself by purchasing Oddsock 4: Oddsock by Numbers for only two hundred and fifty pence of your hard earned monthly stipend (and remember that price generously includes the postage, every bit of it, all in the form of a lickable stamp of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. God Save The Queen say all of us loyal subjects here at The House of Hatch. As previously stated only £2.50!

Buy Oddsock 4 here

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