Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Oddsock 6: Invisible Giants

Last issue we found Oddsock on his own, pondering problematic perennials but this issue we find him pondering… indecipherable invisibles! Has Oddsock at last realised his dreams and finally found a friend, someone whom he can bounce his nutty ideas off?  But what sort of friend is a Giant, is Invisible and is also a Robot? Answer: A Giant Invisible Robot!

But wait! Something is not quite right here as Oddsock tries to engage his newly found friend in conversation! By gum! It looks like Oddsock’s ambient android amigo is ‘sans’ power! A broken-down robot! A deactivated droid! A mammoth malfunctioning mechanical machine!

Hooray! Oddsock has saved the day! It turns out Giant Invisible Robot was in some sort of stand-by mode! But what’s this?! Oddsock is trying to control his now fully functioning friend! Stop, Oddsock! Stop! Don’t you realise that true friendship can never blossom and bare fruit with one side pushing the buttons and pulling the strings? You can't give a robot the runaround!

Now come on, gently reader, activate your attendance for just £2.50 incl (p&p) and buy Oddsock 6: Invisible Giants. Find out for yourself if our eponymous hero can learn an important lesson in friendship and ultimately find uplifting robotic redemption.

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