Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sigmund Spassky CAKE!

My birthday, not Spassky's

Way back in 1998 I had my 29th birthday. I was sharing a house at the time with Claire O'Leary and together with her friend Ann Aveling and my former-next-door-neighbour (her then boyfriend, now husband) Dave Everett, decided to uphold the tradition of presenting a birthday cake to the person celebrating the addition of another year. The cake came in the splendid form of a white-iced masterpiece with an iconic image of the immortal individual himself, World Stare-out Champion, Sigmund 'The Eye' Spassky, presiding on top.

Back row from left to right: Ann Aveling, Claire O' Leary. Front row: Sigmund 'The Eye' Spassky, Sigmund Spassky's sister Selina Spassky, unknown.

Dave, Claire and Ann, all had a practise run at replicating stare-out's most famous face in coloured piped icing on white paper as can be seen in the above photographic exhibit. As the reader will no doubt notice, there is a real sense of Gold, Silver and Bronze in the 'Sigmund Spassky likeness reproduced in piped icing' medal places. So with his gold medallion safety ensconced in his pocket, Dave got on with job in hand and surpassed even his own previous high standard, furnishing The World Stare-out Champion perfectly in black on white icing on top of a magnificent edible sponge infrastructure.

The birthday boy and stare-out scribbler about to slice a substantial section of Sigmund Spassky.

What a nice birthday surprise to say the least, as evidenced in the above photo of the author in more junior years, supporting a big smile and a rather dangerous looking cutting implement. A very delicious and very happy day it was with the cake being rapidly consumed over the following 48 hours. But that wasn't quite the end of the edible stare-out story. Unbeknown to the author at the time, stare-out biscuits were to follow nearly 15 years later from Latvia. A hearty and sweet toothed thanks to Claire, Dave and Ann.

All photos were taken by photographer-in-chief and supreme icing piping maestro, Sir Dave Everett.

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