Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Drawings of Hatch

Hey! I bet any of you recent visitors to The House of Hatch might have been wondering where on earth the home owner is as he sure hasn't been producing any comics of late, not a peep out of him since August of last year! Poor show! Well let me tell you that I have been pretty busy with the usual stuff that occupies one's life, the day job, shopping for breakfast cereal, seeing what's on the telly*, explaining to people that I don't give a shit about facebook and many more irritations of a similar fold. In spite of all that I have been working pretty hard by practising lots of figure drawing and studying from some of those "How To Draw" books. In other words doing lots of routine observational drawings from life and copying from photos (something much more difficult that you'd image, especially capturing "movement"). You can view these daily efforts here and I plan to update as regularly as possible (and even backdate some material from earlier this year but these things take time). I should add for the sake of honesty that if you are looking for original and inspiring works of high artistic value then this is not the blog to follow (this fits the bill though) but it will hopefully chart some personal progress which will aid my planned comic work at some point in the future. I have been doing quite a lot of writing and working out some story plots but admittedly I have done very little in the way of actual cartooning.

Portrait of Thenji

* I confess that this is a lie - I don't have a television.