Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sorry, no thanks

Tyrannosaurus wrecked

This was the first cartoon I sent Private Eye back in 1993. They had a long series of running jokes about the film Jurassic Park and this was my effort to break in on the act. I was disappointed that it was turned down as I felt it was good enough for publication but evidently Mr Hislop thought otherwise. I coloured the cartoon and put it on the back of my House of Hatch comic which is still available for purchase and well worthy of a wafer of your wad.

"Do I not like that!"

This was the second rejected cartoon. The context was that Graham Gooch had been given out in a test match after controversially handling the ball, preventing it from hitting his stumps. At the same time our national football team was suffering from letting in too many goals under the stewardship of Graham Taylor and so I pictorially combined both sporting matters. Hilarious! Actually, not really.

Wash and goo away

I also sent in another running joke cartoon that Private Eye had been riffing on, sometime in the mid 90s, this time it was on the theme of the 'Wash and Go' shampoo TV advert. Again, I thought this was an okay joke but back it came to me 'With the Editor's Compliments.' I guess I'm not, and never will be, in Ken Pyne's league.

Maybe I should send Private Eye another cartoon sometime soon just to see if their rejection slip has been updated. Fax?

Here's a real rejection of note

Friday, 18 October 2013

Hey Paul. How about it?

Whilst trawling though the Hatcher archives a month or two ago I discovered this complete masterpiece of a cartoon by my friend Sarah Keeble (alongside the 'Hi Honey, I'm home!' jokes by me, Sarah and her husband Dan previously posted here). This cartoon is again from late 1993, twenty years ago now. Sarah told me that she drew the cartoon as I was being particularly annoying at the time and her recollections are in complete accordance with my own. I was drawing non-too-flattering cartoons of all our friends in a pretty uncomplimentary and really rather rude manner (all thankfully lost now). This produced this biting and fully deserved response from Sarah. I clearly recall the moment she placed this particular gem in my hands as I sat staring at it in mild disbelief whilst time stood still for a second or two of forever. Sarah then tried to get it back off of me concerned that she had over stepped the mark, but I refused to hand it over as I thought it was a work of complete outstanding genius. I obviously kept hold of it, such was my admiration for her acute observation and refined cartooning skills. The cartoon is a very accurate representation of the truth from back in 1993. I have to admit that I was indeed a completely desperate 23-year-old nincompoop with absolutely no idea what was going on.

The final panel never actually occurred in real life, unfortunately.

The cartoon is rather out of date now and things have changed, slightly. I'm now a 43-year-old nincompoop with absolutely no idea what is going on.

The final panel never actually occurred in real life, fortunately.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The World Freak-out Champion!

Way back in December 2007 my technologically clued up friends had just bought a new camera/gizmo/gadget/thingy and were fooling around with it when I just happened to turn up. They thrust the electronic device into my hands and secretly pressed 'record'.