Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Return of SPASSKY!

Sigmund Spassky returns to help out an old hard up and down on his luck friend, but who is the mysterious sharp-suited, business-minded deal maker? Surely not another unscrupulous agent sucking vast wads out of the game of stare-out? What could he be promoting this time? 'Doubles stare-out'? Or even worse 'Tag-team stare-out'? Find out in Paul Hatcher’s first comic in over a decade - The Return of SPASSKY!

Front cover. Sigmund Spassky - Dream player or worst nightmare?

Back cover. All quotes are amazingly 100% true

Don’t miss this one! 44 pages for just £3.50

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Now Open!

At last! After an extensive period of renovation "The House of Hatch" is once again open to the general public!

The doors closed way back in 2000 when "La Casa de Hatch" was boarded up as the errant proprietor buggered off abroad, neglecting his capital responsibilities for well over a decade. The House soon fell into a sorry state of disrepair and became yet another decaying property surrounded by a wasteland of destitute blight with the former halcyon days a long and distant memory…

But no more! 2010 saw an extensive program of renovation work when the owner, Paul Hatcher, returned to start the long and arduous task of restoring the dilapidated House of Hatch to its former glory, and in the process narrowly avoiding the notice for demolishment from the local council and the selling off of the land in some seedy corporate redevelopment deal. Help was also on hand from two building experts who took on the initial task of re-roofing The House just as the final remnants of the original roof structure were about to cave in. The two experts treated the remaining timber framework for dry rot and decay prevention and put in supports for the soon to be added brand spanking new tile roof. As soon as The House of Hatch was watertight and protected from the elements, work began on the task of doing up The House internally, starting with converting the roof space into a stylish loft conversion, all in line with the latest building regulations of course.

During these extensive renovations, the cellar, a cobwebbed ridden former no go zone, sprung an unexpected surprise when several boxes of antique comics dating from as far back as 1993 were unearthed underneath loads of rubble and general household tat. These comics proved to be very rare and highly desirable and what's more, miraculously still in 'near mint' condition. They are currently on display in the drawing room of The House and can still be purchased at competitive prices, but hurry! They are never to be reprinted!

COMING SOON! The Return of Spassky!