Forged in the iron heat of John Major's political dominion over man, these rare titles chart the evolution of the Hatcher style and include proper books that can now be had for one five hundredth the price of their poorly-reproduced amateur kin. YOUR HOUSE OF HATCH LIBRARY BEGINS HERE! Support the arts! They're all we've got, but if you do, you'd better be a proud resident of GREAT BRITAIN as all prices are UK only! Sorry Johnny and Janey Foreigner!

TIME WE LEFT  #1 (1993) 36 A5 pages

(Hurry! Only 6 copies left!!!)

Here it is! Time We Left #1 is where it all began - though some of it began later on in The House of Hatch mini comic, but we'll have more about that shortly. Just try to focus on Time We Left for now, because we've got three of them to get through and we need to work together if we're going to cope.
Right, Time We Left #1 was Paul's first self-published comic. Look, there's John Major on the cover, and you also get a balloon. The joke is that the balloon is stapled to the cover, so you can't blow it up. Not bad! In fact VIZ had the same idea 13 years earlier, unbeknown to the author at the time, so you can't deny it's funny. And since the rubber is now almost certainly perished and rotten, the joke is arguably twice as funny. At any rate, no self-respecting Paul Hatcher completist, which was a full 30% of them at last count, can afford to be without this valuable historical document and associated balloon. Contains strips, gags etc., general light-hearted fare, no doom and gloom. Only a handful of copies left and never to be reprinted!

The first page of TWL 1 where the author eats the reader...

£4.95 incl p&p (UK only)

TIME WE LEFT  #2 (1993) 36 A5 pages

What can we say about Time We Left #2 that hasn't already been said by assorted critics, pundits, angry parents and crown court judges? "Fanboy humour with a cutting edge" - that's what they said. Were they correct? Decide for yourself, if you dare. What's in here that's so great, you oafishly enquire? Cartoons and all that sort of thing, probably some Hawkwind references... I wouldn't be surprised to see The Mekon too... just Paul's fetishes from 1993 'til now really. Surely this will constitute valuable and very damning legal evidence at some point in the near future. This eclectic rattlebag of really highly rated humour can still be yours while stocks last. Features the origin of Superpaul, if you've been wondering about that.

If you know who THE FREAK BROTHERS are you might chuckle. If you don't, you won't

£2.95 incl p&p (UK only)

TIME WE LEFT #3 (1994) 36 A5 pages

If you've bought the first two issues of TWL, then you might as well buy this one too as it boasts, and I do mean boasts, a full wraparound colour cover, lovely painted by that House of Hatch part-timer, Adrian Sellers! And if that doesn't convince you, just look at this small-press review quote from the time of the original release: "...hit and miss with a very questionable sex scene" If that sounds familiar, it's because they said the same thing about Lost Girls years later. Once again, Hatcher paves the way and others meekly follow. And! According to Paul, it actually contains two questionable sex scenes! So if you're a fan of questionable sex scenes, your dirty little prayers have been answered. Sex talk aside, Time We Left #3 is another assortment of laugh-a-minute strips, though that ratio will vary depending on your reading speed. In addition to all of the above, and I'll say this only twice, it boasts a full-colour cover, just like a real comic!

Surely after all these years I'm still not the only person who finds this page funny?

My very first use of repeated panels. Even the stare-out wasn't this funny!

£3.50 incl p&p (UK only)


TWL 1, 2 and 3 for just... £8.95!!! (incl p&p)

Picture Book (1996) 48 A4 pages - SOLD OUT!!!

A collection of collages and other other single page cut and paste gags. Look at the beautiful cover over there! You're probably thinking to yourself this, surely, is a book to treasure, a book to share with friends, to pore over long into the night over a bottle of moderately-priced Californian wine and some chocolate biscuits from Lidl. And you're quite right to think all that, but unfortunately for you this marvellous book is thoroughly sold out, both locally and in foreign parts. And don't bother trying to find a copy on eBay, that's a madman's dream! The lesson here is: when you see a House of Hatch comic, buy it!!!You heard! Sold out!!!

HA HA HA! He might fall to his DEATH!!!

The Town (1997) 36 A5 pages

Written, drawn and dedicated to the author's (now late) grandmother in a vain attempt to convince her that comic books weren't just "disposable ephemera",  although looking at most comics these days, one realises she may have had a very valid point!  BTW The Town in question is Wellingborough, not Northampton, just in case you're wondering.

£3.50 incl p&p (UK only)

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