In this humorous four panel continuing series (that is currently on hiatus until further notice, I'll finish it when my drawing has improved a bit more) sees our hero Oddsock contend with all manner of existential crises from the numerical to the metaphysical to the corporeal (and all the way back again). Once again, dear visitor, all prices are for the UK only.

Oddsock 1 : Oddsock Comes Together £2.50

Issue 1 introduces Oddsock in 20 pages of glorious gags, paralysing puns and adequate art. Read more about issue 1.
£2.50 (UK only)

Oddsock 2 : The Many Ways of Oddsock    £2.50

Continuing exactly where issue 1 left off, but with a bountiful 8 extra pages of abstract adventure that is Odd... Odder... Oddest.... Oddsock! Read more about issue 2.

£2.50 (UK only)

Oddsock 3 : Oddsock by the Book £2.50

For all you bookworms out there buy, War and Peace. But everyone else can take a peak at Oddsock's diary and private sketchbook in this 32 page invasion of privacy. Read more about issue 3.

£2.50 (UK only)

Oddsock 4 : Oddsock by Numbers    £2.50

It's Oddsock who counts as he piles on the integers in issue 4's numerical narrative. Read more about issue 4.

£2.50 (UK only)

Oddsock 5 : Food for Thought    £2.50

Chuckle yourself to wisdom as Oddsock sprains his brain, pulls a mental muscle and ends up getting himself expelled from his own school of thought. Now what on earth can that possibly mean?! Read more about issue 5

£2.50 (UK only)

Oddsock 6 : Invisible Giants    £2.50

Enjoy this heart warming story of struggle, friendship and redemption feature Oddsock AND the very-easy-to-draw Giant Invisible Robot! Read more about issue 6.

£2.50 (UK only)

Oddsock 7 : Prisoner of Reality  (SOLD OUT)

(A few copies left in the Oddsock bundle below)

Oddsock wakes up to find that all is not what it seems. Read more about issue 7.

 Oddsock 8 : No Man's Land  (SOLD OUT)

(A few copies left in the Oddsock bundle below)

Oddsock gets in a terrible tangle trying to untangle himself. Read more about issue 8 here. SOLD OUT

All 8 issues for £10.95 (UK only)

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