Thursday, 3 November 2011

And now it's ODDSOCK 3: Oddsock by the book!

Last issue, Oddsock managed to find his voice, but did he express himself, and furthermore, does he actually have anything to say?

In ODDSOCK 3: Oddsock by the book, Oddsock starts his own personal and private diary. Will he have the relevant gumption to keep up the effort of writing a daily account about his exciting adventures, or will he suffer from a case of writer's block giving him the fear of the blank page and thus impede his modest literary ambitions?

Or perhaps it's just that he is simply too lazy to keep up all the effort required for updating a diary every day? (WARNING! PLOT SPOILER! He is too lazy.) Wait! Maybe Oddsock finds his true creative path lies not with the written word but with the visual arts, by drawing pictures? (WARNING! PLOT SPOILER! He does.) Now witness, dear reader, Oddsock's new found determination as he teaches himself to draw and then manages to produces his first proper 'object d'art', a self-portrait! But hang on! Did he manage to get a true likeness, one the he likes? And can he bare to look at himself anyway? (WARNING! PLOT SPOILER! Nope.) Or do his first rudimentary efforts give him a new found perspective and a sense of proportion that helps him to understand a little about the world he inhabits? (WARNING! PLOT SPOILER! Nope again.)

Are you still reading this desperate blurb? Really?! Then you simply have to buy ODDSOCK 3: Oddsock by the book for just £2 inc. postage. It's the bestest most artisticest continuing 4 panel comic 'gag' series called 'ODDSOCK' being produced within a 10 metre radius of the Paul Hatcher residency, The House of Hatch as it is known, located right here in the heart of Northampton, Northamptonshire ('The Rose of the Shires') in the UK. And while you're about it, why not buy issue #1 and issue #2, as well as all future issues? Please, I'm begging you...