Saturday, 3 August 2013

Oddsock 7: Prisoner of Reality

What happened? One minute Oddsock was right up there on cloud nine admiring the endless view along side his high and mighty friend Giant Invisible Robot, but now he's flat on his back and all alone once again. Where has Giant Invisible Robot gone? Did Oddsock say or do something wrong? Was it all just a dream of some sort? An apparition?

Oddsock dismisses his doubts and realises that he’s been given a special mission to find out where his absent robotic friend has disappeared to. Oddsock sets off seeking him high and low, weirdly every direction he takes seems to be the same and he starts to feel oddly out of place as if someone is pulling his strings.

Why is Oddsock suddenly out of character? Where are the usual jokes? Why is Oddsock acting funny instead of being funny?