Sunday, 17 November 2013


I bought this great hardback book 'Russia From The Inside' by Robert Kaiser and Hannah Jopling Kaiser (really the author's names, no joke) from Northampton Central Library sometime in the mid 90s for 50p. It has some great photos from all walks of life in Communist Russia including this spread of the then leaders of that then vast geopolitical superpower including Mikhail Gorbachev plus a little addition by me (I have always found 'The Hood' funny). What a great party and process that must have been. Some of these characters were (sort-of) the inspiration for the stare-master player cards in The World Stare-out Championship Final

Serious business keeping the populace under commie control.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sophie Crumb got there first

A ten-year-old Sophie Crumb successfully showed how the stare-out should have been conceived within the pages of her excellent and highly enjoyable book Evolution of a Crazy Artist.

That's cheating! Chang Gin Ming would never allow that move!

Evolution of a Crazy Artist. Well worth a look.

Sophie's blog is highly entertaining as well.